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An International, Interdisciplinary Conference: “Currents, Perspectives, and Methodologies in World Christianity”

January 18–20
Wide Image World Christianity Conference

The last few decades mark a significant watershed in the study of World Christianity as an emerging field, its development into an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary endeavor in particular. Most scholarship now characterizes world Christianity as a “polycentric” faith whose adherents have become more demographically robust in the majority world than in Europe and North America. Additionally, while the primary focus in world Christianity continues to be Christianity’s burgeoning presence in the Global South (Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Pacific), scholars are increasingly aware of the diffusion of Global South Christianities in a variety of South-South and South-North diasporas. Reflection on the complex history and reality of Christianity not only as a world religion but also as a pluricultural, global phenomenon is an ongoing need. While research on Christianity’s cross-cultural, transnational, and diasporic manifestations has burgeoned, interrogation of theory and methodology, grounded in case study research, should be an ongoing process as well. The conference seeks to inquire into the state of the field by providing a common interdisciplinary space for intellectual encounter and exchange.

Afe Adogame, professor of Christianity and Society
Raimundo Barreto, assistant professor of world Christianity
Richard F. Young, associate professor of the history of religions

U.S. and Canada-based Academics
Early Bird Fee $120 (Deadline 10/30/2017)
Standard Fee $150 (After 10/30/17)

Other Nationalities, Graduate Students/Retirees
Early Bird Fee $80 (Deadline 10/30/17)
Standard Fee $95 (After 10/30/17)

Fee includes refreshments and conference dinner.

Limited availability (single/double rooms) at The Erdman Center on the Princeton Seminary campus.

Limited travel subsidies will be available for participants from the Global South with accepted paper/panel proposals.

Sponsored by the Department of History and Ecumenics Program in World Christianity and the History of Religions.

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