Global Connections

The Mackay Chair in World Christianity

In the late 1980s, recognizing that Christianity is increasingly a religion of the global South and that theological education in North America needs an open, on-going conversation with Christians from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, Princeton Theological Seminary endowed a chair in World Christianity in honor of John A. Mackay, a former president and long-serving missionary in Latin America.  Since then, fourteen ecumenists, theologians, historians, and church leaders from each of these regions has contributed to a broadening of our vision of God’s work in today’s world. Given the huge and continuing impact of North American churches on the world at large, Mackay professors bring much-needed perspectives on the church as an ecumenical, intercultural fellowship.

John A. Mackay Professors of World Christianity
(1991-1992 to 2012-2013)

Year   Semester Professor
1991-1992   Fall Dr. Károly Tóth
Budapest, Hungary
Former Bishop of the Danubian District of the Reformed Church in Hungary, President of the Ecumenical Council of Church in Hungary, and Vice President of the Reformed Synod, and now Director of the Ecumenical Study Centre in Budapest
  Spring Dr. T. Dayanadan Francis
Madras, India
General Secretary of the Christian Literature Society
1992-1993   Fall Dr. Pablo A. Deiros
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pastor of a church in Buenos Aires. Taught at Seminario Internacional Teológico Bautista in Buenos Aires
  Spring Vacant
Dr. Deiros was to be the Mackay professor for the full year but needed to return to his congregation in December 1992
1993-1994   Fall Vacant
  Spring Dr. Kuruvilla Cherukara (“K.C.”) Abraham
Bangalore, India
Director of the South Asia Theological Research Institute [SATGRI]–a program of the Senate of Serampore College
1994-1995   Academic Year Dr. Mercy Amba Oduyoye
Lagos, Nigeria
Former Deputy General Secretary of the World Council of Churches
Geneva, Switzerland
1995-1996   Fall Dr. José Miguez Bonino
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Former professor of systematic theology and ethics at the Instituto Superior de Estudios Teológics
Spring Father Gustavo Gutiérrez
Lima Peru
Pastor of Instituto Bartolomé de Las Casas
1996-1997   Academic Year Dr. Peter King Hung Lee
Hong Kong
Faculty member, Graduate School of Theology, Association of Theological Education in Southeast Asia
1997-1998   Academic Year Dr. John S. Mbiti
Burgdorf, Switzerland
Parish minister in Burgdorf
Born in Kenya
1998-1999   Fall Dr. John S. Mbiti
  Spring Dr. Yasuo Carl Fuyura
Tokyo, Japan
Retired professor
International Christian University
1999-2000   Academic Year Dr. Luis N. Rivera-Pagan
San Juan, Puerto Rico
University of Puerto Rico
2000-2001   Academic Year Dr. Milan Opočenský
Geneva, Switzerland
General Secretary of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches (1989-2000)
2002-2003   Academic Year Dr. P. Daniel Jeyaraj
Chennai (Madras), India
Professor, Aaron Chair for the History of Christianity in India, Gurukul
2007-2008   Academic Year Rev. Dr. Cephas Narh Omenyo
Accra, Ghana
Senior Lecturer, Department for the Study of Religions, University of Ghana, Legon
Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana since 1985
2010-2011   Spring Dr. Michael Nai-Chiu Poon
Trinity Theological College
2012-2013   Spring Dr. Jamal Daibes
Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Bethlehem University, Palestine

National and International Engagements of Department Members

Kenneth Appold
  • Visiting Adjunct Research Professor, Institute for Ecumenical Research, Strasbourg, France
  • Co-Chair, International Lutheran-Pentecostal Study Group
  • Member, Lutheran-Orthodox Joint International Commission
  • Consultant, Anglican-Lutheran International Commission
Darrell Guder
  • Guest professor of missiology at the theology faculties of the Universities of Bern and Basel, Switzerland, during the fall semester 2010.
  • Served with the World Alliance of Reformed Churches: as interpreter and translator at the General Council in Frankfurt (1964) and Nairobi (1970), and Chief of Language and Document Services at all council meetings from 1977 to 2010. In June of 2010 he was Co-Chair of Language Services at the United General Council in Grand Rapids, MI, at which the World Alliance of Reformed Churches and the Reformed Ecumenical Council merged to become the World Communion of Reformed Churches.
Elsie Anne McKee
Kathleen McVey
James Moorhead
Paul Rorem
Richard Young
  • In the summer of 2010, Dr. Young and Dr. Chad Bauman, an MEHR graduate (now of Butler University, Indianapolis), co-convened a panel on “Christians, Cultural Interactions, and South Asia’s Religious Traditions” at the European Association of South Asian Studies, University of Bonn, Germany. Dr. Young has chaired two such panels in the past (Lund, Leiden) and once before with Dr. Bauman (Birmingham).