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Raimundo César Barreto Jr.

Assistant Professor of World Christianity

Raimundo César Barreto Jr.
History & Ecumenics
Religion & Society
333 Lenox House

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ABCUSA/Alliance of Baptists/Aliança de Batistas do Brasil

Raimundo César Barreto Jr. is assistant professor of world Christianity at Princeton Theological Seminary and an ordained Baptist minister. He earned degrees from the Northern Baptist Theological Seminary and the Superior School of Theology (Brazil), McAfee School of Theology/Mercer University, and Princeton Theological Seminary. Before joining the PTS faculty, he taught theology and social ethics in Brazil and served as director of the Freedom and Justice Division of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA). To keep his scholarship grounded in praxis and a commitment to the church, he remains involved in ecumenical work and interfaith relations/dialogues in connection with denominational and ecumenical ecclesiastical bodies. These include the American Baptist Churches USA, Baptist World Alliance, and the National Council of Churches USA. His teaching and research span different disciplines, which include world Christianities, liberation and postcolonial theologies, Latin American and Latino/a Christianities, social ethics, public theologies, and intercultural and interfaith relations. His initial scholarship focused on the church and society movement in Brazil and its contributions to the rise of different public discourses in Brazilian Protestantism. Most recently, he has turned his attention to the interface between religion, race, class, and gender in Latin America, with particular interest in indigenous agency and the role of native and Afro-Latina religions and spiritualities in shaping Latin American Christianity.

Curriculum Vitae

Select Publications

  • World Christianity as Public Religion/Cristianismo Mundial como Religião Pública, editor, with Ronaldo Cavalcante & Wanderley Pereira da Rosa (Vitoria, Brazil: Editora Unida, 2016).
  • "Rubem Alves and the Kaki Tree: the trajectory of an exile thinker," Perspectivas 13 (2016): 47-64.
  • Engaging the Jubilee: Freedom and Justice Papers of the Baptist World Alliance (2010-2015), editor, with Ken Sehested, Luis Rivera-Pagan, and Paul Hayes (Falls Church, VA: Baptist World Alliance, 2015).
  • Evangélicos e Pobreza no Brazil: Pistas para uma Ética Social Evangélica Brasileira (Rio de Janeiro, RJ.: Editora Novos Diálogos, 2013).
  • "The Church and Society Movement and the Roots of Public Theology in Brazilian Protestantism," International Journal of Public Theology 6 (2012) 70–98.
  • "O Movimento Ecumênico e o Surgimento da Responsabilidade Social no Protestantismo Brasileiro," Numen: Revista de Estudos e Pesquisa da Religião, 13/1 & 2 (2010): 273-323.

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