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Miller Chapel and Scheide Hall

Miller Chapel

Named for Princeton Seminary’s second professor, Samuel Miller, the building that is the spiritual center of the campus has been in continuous use by the Seminary community for worship since it was completed in 1834. Originally designed by local architect Charles Steadman, the original building has been renovated four times - in 1874, 1933, 1964 and most recently in 2000. It encompasses a ‘one-room’ worship space uniting celebrants, choir and congregation. The central pulpit emphasizes the centrality of the proclaimed Word of God in the Reformed tradition. Miller Chapel is home to the Joe R. Engle Organ, which was a gift to Princeton Seminary in 2000. In addition to worship services, Miller Chapel is also the locale for various concerts hosted by the seminary throughout the year, including numerous concerts performed by the Seminary Choirs. The basement of Miller Chapel houses the Prayer and Wellness Room as well as the Spiritual Direction Room, and Vestry.

Scheide Hall
Built in 2000, Scheide Hall provides a home for the worship, music, and counseling programs of the Seminary, including offices for the minister of the chapel, the director of music, and the director of student counseling. In the basement are a handful of music practice rooms that can be used by students. Scheide also houses the Gambrell Room with its tall floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the Jane Irwin Memorial Garden and Amphitheater between Scheide and Miller Chapel. This room is used for choir rehearsals and occasional lectures and recitals. This companion building to Miller Chapel is named in honor of the family of longtime Princeton Seminary trustee and benefactor William H. Scheide and his late wife, Gertrude. Dr. Scheide is a world-renowned Bach scholar who founded the Bach Aria Group and who owns one of the world’s largest collections of Bach manuscripts.

Articles about Miller Chapel, Scheide Hall, and the Joe R. Engle Organ

Building Use & Room Reservations

Miller Chapel and the Gambrell Room in Scheide Hall can be reserved by campus organizations or outside groups, but the person or group must follow the guidelines set up for each room.

Building Use Policies (pdf)

Wedding Policy

The chapel is available for weddings only when the bride or groom, or a parent of either, is a student, graduate, trustee, or an employee of the Seminary. All inquiries should be directed to the Chapel Office.

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